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Fancy Rim Cylinders And Side Bars

The typical rim cylinder key pushes up five or six pins or ‘tumblers’ inside the lock. These pin tumblers are sitting in the “valleys” between the pointed teeth of your key. And your key’s valleys match the heights of the

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Homeguard Mailguard

I’ve been playing around sorting my own front door out. You know the saying: the cobbler’s kids are the poorest shod. Well someone in the family lost their keys and I went to change the cylinder. (Which we can do

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Back Again

Hopefully back again after a hiatus for holidays and blog software malfunctions. What’s been happening? Well I think I reached the point where I need checklists to remind me to read my checklists. I was scheduled to replace a cylinder

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Lock Terminology

Even one of the locksmith bulletin boards I’m on can’t get this one right! A rim lock is one that is fixed to the inside face of the door. (Although it would not surprise me if one of the national

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