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Key Copies (For The “Chubb 110”)

If you have a Chubb deadlock the face-plate of which says “5 Detainers” you have a Chubb (now branded as Union) 110 or one of its variants. I’ve talked before about what a great lock it is. If you can’t

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Picked It!

I’m feeling pleased with myself, having picked open a Chubb 110 deadlock. I’ve mentioned before the big divide amongst locksmiths: those who drill (or smash) open everything they come across; and those who pick most locks open and for whom

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Insurance And Standards

What does it mean when a lock is BS (that’s “British Standard” rather than bullshit)? Does that mean that my insurance company will be happy? (This post is largely addressed to the UK.) Well you can be fairly sure that

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