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Getting A New Door

What are the things to look out for when getting yourself a new front door? Well, make sure you get an external quality door and one that has the correct fire rating. This post only addresses single occupancy / family

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Screwed, or Not

When sorting out a door I usually have a quick look at the carpentry as well as the locks. On today’s misbehaving door, unbelievably, only three of the twelve screws that should have been holding its hinges to the frame

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Well Shod Now

I’ve just put the finishing touches to my own door. (Don’t worry, though, I won’t take over two weeks on any of your jobs.) The locks have been moved, the keeps have been moved, holes have been filled in and

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I happen to have attended two jobs in a row where poor quality hinges have been the culprits. If you are having a new door or work done on your door, as well as asking about the quality of the

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Attention Builders and Painters

One of the most frustrating things in this job is visiting property after property where developers or builders have done a poor or half-assed job. There are a large number of new and developed properties around South London where the

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The Vault Door

“And what might Sir be wanting this time?” The sales assistant’s tone held a hint of sarcasm. I had already been to the counter of a Shepher’s Bush hire shop twice. The first time was to get ear defenders. The

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