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Lamentable Tail

Some of my colleagues are reporting a rash of broken bolt tails on Union Strongbolt (ironically) mortice deadlocks. This is something of a pain as we got these in in order to replace ERA Fortress mortice deadlocks. The Fortress was

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Runs of Runs Run Into Each Other

Today I had yet another incorrectly-fitted ERA BS rim lock – suffering both the tailpiece not being shortened enough and a cruciform hole being chiselled through the door instead of a nice 32mm hole. So there were at least two

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A Good but Pernickety Lock

There are a couple of budget-price nightlatches that are unusually good compared with most other stuff from their manufacturer. The more expensive of the two is comparable in function to Yale’s PBS auto-deadlocking nightlatches. And unusually, it’s probably better than

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One of the commonest calls is, “My latch key turns a little bit but then stops.” If it’s a Yale latch lock and it’s on the right-hand side of the door, then a loose snib might just have fallen down

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ERA Nightlatch

I’ve stopped using ERA products. Their high-end nightlatch isn’t too bad, however. The version pictured does have one major design fault, though. (I’m talking here about the auto-deadlocking lock, top of the range but one; where there is a keyway

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