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The Worst Lock Fitting Uncovered So Far

As I tell customers who ask, there are problems fitting locks to bedroom doors. For fire safety reasons you can’t fit a regular deadlock, especially if higher than ground floor or windows are barred. A panic lock is often too

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Security Versus Safety

I’ve posted before about the issue of security versus safety – avoiding break-ins and burglaries versus being able to get out in the case of fire. This morning’s example involved gates and bars. Semi-basement windows often have burglar bars. But

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Multipoint Locking Systems On Front Doors

If your front door has a normal multipoint locking system (MPL), you might want to confirm if the outside handle opens the latch bolt. In times gone by we didn’t worry much about the thought of someone walking in through

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Getting A New Door

What are the things to look out for when getting yourself a new front door? Well, make sure you get an external quality door and one that has the correct fire rating. This post only addresses single occupancy / family

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Insult to Injury

Let’s hope you don’t find yourself locked out at 2:00 in the morning. But if you do and you call a locksmith, ask if they will open your lock non-destructively; and ask what they do about a replacement lock if

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Fire Hazards

It’s time to mention locks as fire hazards again. When considering the locks on your doors, you need to strike a balance between security and safety. You want to keep thieves and other scum out, but you don’t want to

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Communal Doors

What can you do about the security of your communal door, particularly if you live in a flat in a converted house? The unfortunate answer is, not much. The first problem is when there’s an electronic entry system of the

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Homeguard Mailguard, Part 2

I almost forget why I started the last post. It was actually to talk about the necessary evil that is the letterslot. The previous post began the story of my re-arranging the locks on my front door. The mortice lock

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Security Gates On Doors

At least one block of apartments near here have seemingly been rendered near lethal, apparently by the local authority. Each of the apartments’ front doors has been protected by a steel security gate. That’s good. However, possibly by way of

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