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Rimlatches With Locking Handles

It’s time to warn folks again about the perils of a rim latch locks where there is a keyway in the handle as well as there being a keyway on the ouside, in the barrel (or cylinder). It’s quite reasonable

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Insurance Requirements

It’s time for the regular note on house insurance locking requirements. There are still buildings and contents insurance policies out there living in times gone by. They assume that everyone still has a traditional wooden door and require you to

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Painted Shut

Quite a few times a customer will point out that a window doesn’t need securing because it’s been painted shut. Sometimes this is intentional; sometimes it is just sloppy work by the bane of my life – painters – painters

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Locks And Insurance, continued

I mentioned the subject of getting agreement in writing from your insurer yesterday. Particularly if you live in London, you might have a Banham lock on your door. Once again, you have an excellent lock, but it might be worth

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Bi-Fold Doors

I’ve said it before (I think) but I’ll say it again… I would avoid bi-fold, i.e. concertina doors. They seem attractice for nice days. Lots of light coming into the kitchen-dining room. A garden and a kitchen that are almost

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Weakening Doors By Fitting Locks

Many insurance policies ask for a mortice lock on the final exit door — the front door for most of us. This is because you can’t bolt the final exit door from the inside if you’re going out, and a

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Insurance And Standards

What does it mean when a lock is BS (that’s “British Standard” rather than bullshit)? Does that mean that my insurance company will be happy? (This post is largely addressed to the UK.) Well you can be fairly sure that

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