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Keys In The Post

Imagine, heaven forbid, a bent postal worker, e.g. working in your local sorting office, who sees an envelope with an address on it (surprise, surprise) and can see or feel a key inside. Pretty tempting eh? You might also want

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Restricting Keys

Some keys can be copied by anyone with a key cutting machine and some can’t. Those that can’t be (or shouldn’t be) copied are called restricted or protected key systems. If you have to give keys out to friends or

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Keep Surplus Keys But Not In Your Pocket

When you’ve moved into a new place and are contemplating the pile of keys you’ve acquired, put the ones that don’t seem to be for anything into a drawer somewhere (unlocked). But make sure that the keys that go in

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Who Needs Meditation?

I had a couple of safes to open a little while back. One was an elderly Chubb and the other was a more recent Dudley. Both were key locks. Safes are divided roughly 60:40 in the UK between key locks

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Double-Locking a Rimlatch

Many customers don’t realize that their rimlatch (their “Yale”) lock might be of the double-locking type. If there’s a keyway in the inside handle, what’s it for? Well, first of all it might not work. If you had the outside

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