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Describing The Problem

I don’t know why but it happens pretty frequently that someone will call up and ask for a lock to be changed. OK, I think, I can swing by on my way to my next booked appointment and pop a

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Photo ID

Anyone can lock themselves out. I’ve certainly managed it myself – more than once. But if you’ve locked yourself out and suspect that it might just happen again, then as well as finding a (not next door) neighbour to leave

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Belt, Braces And A Key In Every Pocket

I’ve just cut myself three copies of my front door latch key. One for the little pocket of my regular jeans, one for my other jeans (SWMBO won’t let me wear blue jeans with a blue shirt), and one for

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Try To Stay Calm

The commonest lockout scenario is on moving into a new place. It’s a combination of the stress of moving and the unfamiliarity with the locks and where you leave your keys. Another frequent scenario, and there were two this morning,

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Ah, Windy Days

Quite windy yesterday. Three people out in their front garden in dressing gowns. Don’t forget to put a spare latch key in your dressing gown pocket. (And resist the temptation to dash out to the bin in nightie or PJs.)

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Dressing Gowns And Moving

Where’s the best place to keep a spare key once you’ve made sure that a good friend who never goes out or on holiday has one? The pocket of your dressing gown. The second most likely situation for a lockout

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Up And Down And In

I attended a lost key lockout this morning where the door had two high security locks — unpickable and very expensive to destroy. And there were spare keys waiting inside. It was a ground floor flat so I asked if

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That Beeping Safe

If your safe is beeping at you, it’s probably trying to tell you that its battery is failing. Please minister to its needs and replace the battery. Especially if some genius designer has put the batteries inside the safe. And

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Know Your Locks

Are you the kind of person who likes to be prepared and who doesn’t like surprises and emergencies? Then you might like to check what locks are fitted to your front door. And if it turns out to be exotic

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Kitten Rescue

Normally I rescue people stuck outside and occasionally people stuck inside; and normally it’s the fire brigade who rescue cats — from trees, drains, etc. Here, however, a living room door latch bolt had parted company with the tubular latch

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