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Homeguard Mailguard

I’ve been playing around sorting my own front door out. You know the saying: the cobbler’s kids are the poorest shod. Well someone in the family lost their keys and I went to change the cylinder. (Which we can do

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New Apartment Blocks

Lots of new apartment blocks sprang up around here during the boom years, while New Labour was carrying where the previous government left off in its efforts (along with the Americans) to set up the spectacular bust we have just

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Weakening Doors By Fitting Locks

Many insurance policies ask for a mortice lock on the final exit door — the front door for most of us. This is because you can’t bolt the final exit door from the inside if you’re going out, and a

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Insurance And Standards

What does it mean when a lock is BS (that’s “British Standard” rather than bullshit)? Does that mean that my insurance company will be happy? (This post is largely addressed to the UK.) Well you can be fairly sure that

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Lock Terminology

Even one of the locksmith bulletin boards I’m on can’t get this one right! A rim lock is one that is fixed to the inside face of the door. (Although it would not surprise me if one of the national

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