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Moved In And Locked Out

The commonest time to suffer getting locked out with the keys inside is just after you’ve moved in to a new place. Everything’s in a different place, the locks are different and you’re probably pretty stressed. So it’s just what

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Snappy Keys

How much of an appetite do readers have for locksmithing suggestions, I wonder. After all, you don’t want to go through a flight length checklist as you leave. But here’s a one-off check for right now if you have your

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Key Handover

Have you ever had to fill in one of those interminable Answers To Questions when selling a property? If I was buying a property, one of the questions I’d like answered is, “Are there any doors with locks to which

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Restricted Key Sections

What’s a restricted section? Well it’s not something that THEY do to get you locked away. It’s a key with a profile or shape (i.e. its section) that prevents other locksmiths obtaining key blanks and thus prevents them copying your

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New Apartment Blocks

Lots of new apartment blocks sprang up around here during the boom years, while New Labour was carrying where the previous government left off in its efforts (along with the Americans) to set up the spectacular bust we have just

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New Builds And The Young Professional

If you’ve bought or are renting a newly built apartment, it’s quite possible that you and everyone else in your building are out at work all day. Which means that the entire building might be unoccupied during the day. (Unless

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Restricting Keys

Some keys can be copied by anyone with a key cutting machine and some can’t. Those that can’t be (or shouldn’t be) copied are called restricted or protected key systems. If you have to give keys out to friends or

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Keep Surplus Keys But Not In Your Pocket

When you’ve moved into a new place and are contemplating the pile of keys you’ve acquired, put the ones that don’t seem to be for anything into a drawer somewhere (unlocked). But make sure that the keys that go in

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Dressing Gowns And Moving

Where’s the best place to keep a spare key once you’ve made sure that a good friend who never goes out or on holiday has one? The pocket of your dressing gown. The second most likely situation for a lockout

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Attention Builders and Painters

One of the most frustrating things in this job is visiting property after property where developers or builders have done a poor or half-assed job. There are a large number of new and developed properties around South London where the

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