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Wooden Doors And Locking Strips

Don’t. Don’t have a “modern”, multi-point locking strip (MPL) in a wooden door. MPLs are commonly found in uPVC doors. MPLs can usually be identified by their handle being operated in an upwards direction in order to lock the door.

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Insurance Requirements

It’s time for the regular note on house insurance locking requirements. There are still buildings and contents insurance policies out there living in times gone by. They assume that everyone still has a traditional wooden door and require you to

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Multipoint Locking Systems On Front Doors

If your front door has a normal multipoint locking system (MPL), you might want to confirm if the outside handle opens the latch bolt. In times gone by we didn’t worry much about the thought of someone walking in through

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Wooden Or Composite MPL Doors

If you’re considering getting a new front (or back) door, do please strongly consider a traditional, wooden door with a pair (latch and dead) of traditional locks. This is even more important if your frong door is not at ground

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Locks And Insurance, continued

I mentioned the subject of getting agreement in writing from your insurer yesterday. Particularly if you live in London, you might have a Banham lock on your door. Once again, you have an excellent lock, but it might be worth

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Lock Identification (continued)

Yesterday we considered how the locks on a typical, tradition, wooden door might be described. A typical modern composite or PVC-U door, on the other hand, will be a little different. It is highly likely that it will have a

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Multi-Point Locking Strips (Again)

I’ve just returned from a visit to a door that’s five years old and is going to have to be replaced. So, it’s time for my regular plea to any of you chosing a door. Although, pricewise, a uPVC (or

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Multi-point locking

The typical, traditional, external door originally had a simple surface mounted deadbolt lock with probably only one or two levers and/or a nightlatch: a “Yale”. (And when I was a lad the door was only locked if you went away

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