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Worst Paint Job Yet

Just back from picking open and re-keying four patio doors. They were fitted with multipoint locking strips. Oh, my! The worst catalogue of errors I’ve yet seen – apart that is from using masking tape – except too much masking

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Wooden Or Composite MPL Doors

If you’re considering getting a new front (or back) door, do please strongly consider a traditional, wooden door with a pair (latch and dead) of traditional locks. This is even more important if your frong door is not at ground

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Locks And Insurance, continued

I mentioned the subject of getting agreement in writing from your insurer yesterday. Particularly if you live in London, you might have a Banham lock on your door. Once again, you have an excellent lock, but it might be worth

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Multi-point locking

The typical, traditional, external door originally had a simple surface mounted deadbolt lock with probably only one or two levers and/or a nightlatch: a “Yale”. (And when I was a lad the door was only locked if you went away

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