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Snibs (Again)

There was another of those coincidences/buses-come-in-threes yesterday. (Let’s not forget, however, that what would be truly odd is if nothing odd ever happened.) Two people got locked out because the’d used their “snib” incorrectly. And I’ve also seen customers do

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Runs of Runs Run Into Each Other

Today I had yet another incorrectly-fitted ERA BS rim lock – suffering both the tailpiece not being shortened enough and a cruciform hole being chiselled through the door instead of a nice 32mm hole. So there were at least two

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ERA Nightlatch

I’ve stopped using ERA products. Their high-end nightlatch isn’t too bad, however. The version pictured does have one major design fault, though. (I’m talking here about the auto-deadlocking lock, top of the range but one; where there is a keyway

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