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Painted Shut

Quite a few times a customer will point out that a window doesn’t need securing because it’s been painted shut. Sometimes this is intentional; sometimes it is just sloppy work by the bane of my life – painters – painters

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Screwed, or Not

When sorting out a door I usually have a quick look at the carpentry as well as the locks. On today’s misbehaving door, unbelievably, only three of the twelve screws that should have been holding its hinges to the frame

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If It Ain’t Broke But Stiff, Fix It

Two jobs this week have involved locks that were difficult to operate but were still being used – until, that is, they broke. One was a locking bolt on a window and one was a front door deadlock. Both eventually

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Attention Builders and Painters

One of the most frustrating things in this job is visiting property after property where developers or builders have done a poor or half-assed job. There are a large number of new and developed properties around South London where the

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