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Describing The Problem

I don’t know why but it happens pretty frequently that someone will call up and ask for a lock to be changed. OK, I think, I can swing by on my way to my next booked appointment and pop a

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Key Fobs And The Little People

What happened to those key fobs where you clapped or whistled and they responded, helping you find lost keys? I had two jobs last week where the little people – the customers’ kids or, who knows, something spookier – had

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Back Again

Hopefully back again after a hiatus for holidays and blog software malfunctions. What’s been happening? Well I think I reached the point where I need checklists to remind me to read my checklists. I was scheduled to replace a cylinder

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Spare Keys And Bypass Keys

I might just have mentioned this before, but don’t lock your safe’s spare key or bypass key in the safe. Go and get it out now and put it somewhere else. If you have two safes and are determined to

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Who Needs Meditation?

I had a couple of safes to open a little while back. One was an elderly Chubb and the other was a more recent Dudley. Both were key locks. Safes are divided roughly 60:40 in the UK between key locks

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