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Rimlatches With Locking Handles

It’s time to warn folks again about the perils of a rim latch locks where there is a keyway in the handle as well as there being a keyway on the ouside, in the barrel (or cylinder). It’s quite reasonable

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The Worst Lock Fitting Uncovered So Far

As I tell customers who ask, there are problems fitting locks to bedroom doors. For fire safety reasons you can’t fit a regular deadlock, especially if higher than ground floor or windows are barred. A panic lock is often too

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A Good but Pernickety Lock

There are a couple of budget-price nightlatches that are unusually good compared with most other stuff from their manufacturer. The more expensive of the two is comparable in function to Yale’s PBS auto-deadlocking nightlatches. And unusually, it’s probably better than

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It’s Your Money They’re Wasting

My goodness, there are some stupendously incompetent cowboys about. Yale’s top-end domestice rimlatch is the PBS. It’s British Standard rated. That’s not easy to achieve in a rimlatch. Yale have gone to a lot of trouble to make it strong

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Double-Locking a Rimlatch

Many customers don’t realize that their rimlatch (their “Yale”) lock might be of the double-locking type. If there’s a keyway in the inside handle, what’s it for? Well, first of all it might not work. If you had the outside

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