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Tin Boxes From The DIY Sheds

You might be thinking of getting a small safe. They can be obtained from the DIY sheds at under £100. And for guarding a small amount of cash or those frequently nicked items like iPads they’re perfectly fine. (Although if

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Spare Keys And Bypass Keys

I might just have mentioned this before, but don’t lock your safe’s spare key or bypass key in the safe. Go and get it out now and put it somewhere else. If you have two safes and are determined to

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Group Hug

I was installing a safe. It was medium sized. That means it weighed in at around 300 kg. Now I hadn’t carried it upstairs. I don’t move safes. That’s a very specialized job. Several safe engineers are missing toes or

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The Vault Door

“And what might Sir be wanting this time?” The sales assistant’s tone held a hint of sarcasm. I had already been to the counter of a Shepher’s Bush hire shop twice. The first time was to get ear defenders. The

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That Beeping Safe

If your safe is beeping at you, it’s probably trying to tell you that its battery is failing. Please minister to its needs and replace the battery. Especially if some genius designer has put the batteries inside the safe. And

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I had to open a safe in a library the other day. It wasn’t in some backroom, it was out in the main reading area. It was a simple little thing with little residual value and they’d already ordered a

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Who Needs Meditation?

I had a couple of safes to open a little while back. One was an elderly Chubb and the other was a more recent Dudley. Both were key locks. Safes are divided roughly 60:40 in the UK between key locks

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