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Don’t Poke

There may be one or two cases in a thousand where a paperclip or some eyebrow tweezers suceed in getting a snapped-off latch key out of the cylinder. Mostly, however, paperclips and tweezers just drive the snapped-off fragment deeper and

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Warmer Weather And Snapped Keys

As the weather warms up, some doors and door frames will begin expanding (or contracting; wood is excellent but strange stuff; it depends on the moisture content and whether the door is warming up or drying out). Many doors will

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Avoiding Snapped And Broken Keys

When a rim cylinder key – a “Yale” key – has a deep cut near the shoulder, it can snap off if you’re not careful. The valleys in your pointy-toothed flat key match pins in the lock cylinder. The pins

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Snappy Keys

How much of an appetite do readers have for locksmithing suggestions, I wonder. After all, you don’t want to go through a flight length checklist as you leave. But here’s a one-off check for right now if you have your

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