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Wobbly Woodwork

We had another lockout yesterday where the snib had been set before the door was then slammed shut. The ‘snib’ is one name for the little dingus on many nightlatch locks that allows you to lock the bolt in –

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Yesterday I attended a burgled property. It was a little unusual; and got me thinking. We mostly worry about being burgled whilst we are out. But you also need to consider your security when you’re in – probably when you’re

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Snibs (Again)

There was another of those coincidences/buses-come-in-threes yesterday. (Let’s not forget, however, that what would be truly odd is if nothing odd ever happened.) Two people got locked out because the’d used their “snib” incorrectly. And I’ve also seen customers do

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One of the commonest calls is, “My latch key turns a little bit but then stops.” If it’s a Yale latch lock and it’s on the right-hand side of the door, then a loose snib might just have fallen down

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Your Snib And The Dog

“Snib” is a more correct term for what is often known as the latch button on a latch lock. A latch lock is the kind that can slam shut behind you, locking you out. Usually when you’ve decided to nip

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Dropped Snib

What is a dropped snib? Is it one of the many ailments that torment us over-fifties? Snib or holdback are the correct terms for the part of a lock that stops a door latching behind you as you pop out

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