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Movie Clichés

Clichés to do with keys that is. One of the most irritating is the sound that car remotes make in movies. There are no vehicles I’ve ever come across whose remote key fobs make the noise depicted in brainless movies.

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uPVC (Again!) Windows

Close on the heels of the plea not to choose uPVC doors, comes a story of 14 uPVC windows. The manufacturers of these accursed uPVC products tend to discontinue them after only a few years. And whereas wooden doors and

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Multi-Point Locking Strips (Again)

I’ve just returned from a visit to a door that’s five years old and is going to have to be replaced. So, it’s time for my regular plea to any of you chosing a door. Although, pricewise, a uPVC (or

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Weakening Doors By Fitting Locks

Many insurance policies ask for a mortice lock on the final exit door — the front door for most of us. This is because you can’t bolt the final exit door from the inside if you’re going out, and a

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The Euro Profile

I had a little rant about uPVC doors a few posts back. Well I don’t much like the cylinder that often goes with it, the euro-profile cylinder. When lever locks wanted to be operable from both sides, the clever engineers

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